About Us

It's Me really but Us sounds snazzier.

Hi there, my name's Gerry!

Capital Tech Support is my part-time, sole proprietorship business which provides on-site and remote computer support to home and small business customers in the Ottawa-Gatineau area.

Computers and technology have been not only my profession but my lifelong passion, pretty much since I was old enough to read. For those of you who are old enough, I first cut my teeth on a Commodore 64. I have over 25 years of knowledge and almost 12 years of professional experience fixing and maintaining technology in a variety of conditions and mostly on-site.

In 2008, I started Digital Lifeline, a full-time endeavour to provide superior on-site service with my best friend. We were seeing many players in the industry who were more about the upsell rather than providing skilled, honest service that provided a long-term fix. We saw an opportunity to raise the bar for what people should expect in tech support. Due to various business and personal circumstances, we decided to close the company down at the end of 2010. However, I still had customers who were practically demanding I continue to work with them and I still enjoy this kind of work immensely and thus, Capital Tech Support was born. This is and will always be a side gig to my full-time IT job but it's been seeing steady growth and I hope it continues to.

Almost all my new customers come from referrals. My reputation is my most important asset and I cherish it greatly. I am still as committed as ever to providing honesty, top shelf service and building long-term relationships with my customers. I want you in my client roster for life and I work hard to earn that trust from you. Many of my best customers have been working with me for over a decade now and I hope to grow that list even more in the coming years.

In my spare time I enjoy video games, movies, travelling and am developing a budding interest in photography and video editing. I maintain a blog called Geek Bravado giving my opinion on various elements of geek culture and general issues of the day and I also run a YouTube channel where I do shows about retro video games and where friends and I record outselves playing co-op titles. I call myself a Tech Ninja as a playful way of showing that like a real ninja, I'm fast, efficient and I make tech problems disappear without a trace. I am driven to do only the best job I can and honesty is at the core of everything I do. Trust me with your tech and I promise I won't disappoint.

And before you ask, no that's not me in the picture above. :)

Gerry Corcoran
Owner/Tech Ninja

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