Only the best gear.

While Capital Tech Support's main business is providing service for the technology you already have, sometimes you just want a one stop shop for everything you need. I have long-standing relationships with some of Canada's premier wholesalers and because of that, I have access to a wide variety of new and refurbished computer systems, components and accessories to fit almost every budget for both home and business customers.

I only sell products I believe are worth the money and will serve your needs for the long-term. If I wouldn't trust a product for myself, I won't recommend it to you. I am constantly evaluating new and existing brands and only stay loyal to those that maintain a high standard of quality. Many retailers offer stuff that's cheap but it's important to know that cheap stuff is always cheap for a reason. Whether it's lower build quality, weak tech support or subpar warranty coverage, the lower cost is always made up for somewhere. I will never sell low quality products because they provide a lousy experience for my customers and that ultimately hurts my reputation. If you want the cheapest stuff, best to check a big box store. If you want good quality stuff, I'm a great place to ask!

When you buy from me, you're not going to get hassled to buy overpriced accessories and extended warranties because I know that what I'm selling you is up to the job so it won't need them. My prices are not the cheapest you'll find but when you buy from Capital Tech Support, you can buy with confidence.

Whether you're looking for accessories, an upgrade, a new computer or a whole fleet of products for your small office, Capital Tech Support can get you great stuff at competitive prices and without the pushy big box experience.

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