Why I often suggest the less popular stuff.

I have to make a confession to you dear customer: I don't particularly care for Apple products and I rarely recommend them to my customers. Many a time, I've had customers ask me about Apple stuff and when I tell them this, I'm met with a look of confusion, understandable given Apple's rampant popularity at the moment. I thought it best to put a little blurb on my site explaining why this is so if you ever wonder why, you have an easy place to find out.

If you have Apple products, I will happily support them for you and an very capable at doing so. However, if you ask me for a recommendation on something to buy, I will always recommend PCs over Macs, Android or Windows Phones over iPhones and Android or Windows Pro tablets over iPads. Why you ask? Why would I recommend against something that such a huge number of people think is so amazing? Here are my reasons:


Across the board, Apple products are more expensive than their counterparts from other manufacturers. If you buy a Mac of iPhone, you're paying a significant amount more than you would for a comparably specced PC or Android phone. They are stylish and pleasing to look at to be sure (at least to most) but that comes with a much higher price tag. They're a bad economic choice.


When you buy a PC or an Android or Windows Phone, you have the choice of often hundreds of different models, manufactures and price points. With Apple, you have one manufacturer and whatever limited selection they offer. You can buy PCs as cheaply as $299 or as much as $5,000 or more, depending on your needs. You can buy Android or Windows Phones for anything from nothing with a contract to hundreds for a top end model, depending on your needs and budget. I've always believed in offering technology that fits the customer's needs best. With Apple, you're often paying too much for stuff you don't need because it's all they offer.


People say that Apple products are more secure and more reliable than other stuff. The fact this, this simply isn't true. I know a lot of Mac and iPhone owners and I see them complaining about problems as much, if not more than anyone else. Their products cost more, yet they still have lots of problems because well, that's technology and no technology and infallible. As for security, this may have been true at one point but when was the last virus outbreak for Windows you heard about on the news? It's been a long time hasn't it? The fact is, there have been virus outbreaks on Mac but they don't happen often because virus makers don't target a platform with less than 10% of the market. Microsoft has a massive team dedicated solely to finding and patching security holes in their products, holes which exist in all software. Apple has one too but it's not nearly as large or responsive, despite their massive corporate size. Not to say that Macs aren't reliable or secure but to claim they are more so than PCs which are often less expensive is simply false.


Apple has made some very valuable contributions to the technology industry and indeed, their successes have pushed others to innovate far more often. However, Apple's biggest success is that they managed to make technology fashionable. Their products are sleek, slick and many would say beautiful (not me mind you) and a lot of their success in recent years isn't necessarily because what they've made is better, it's because it's been fashionable and one of the things you "have to have." With all due respect to Apple's legion of customers, that's a bad reason to invest in an expensive piece of technology. Don't get me wrong, I like pretty things but technology should be good at fulfilling a need first and then worrying about looking good while it does it. I don't often sell the prettiest products but I always sell the best ones for the job. Sometimes that's Apple but it rarely is. Buy technology because it does what you want, not because of how it makes you look.

So there you have it, why Capital Tech Support rarely recommends Apple. That's not to say I never do and I have in the past but most of the time, I will steer people to something else that's often cheaper and does a better job. I've always said "If you buy an Apple product, you've likely paid too much." and that's not something I say lightly. If you're shopping for new technology, whether through me or somewhere else, always make sure you're buying the right thing and know as much as you can about every option before you choose. Apple's often not the best option (despite where their ravenous fans will yell at you) and buying something based solely on the logo that's attached to it rarely ends up being the best choice.

Feel free to get in touch if you want to know more. If you're just an Apple fan who wants to yell at me for being wrong, that's fine too. :)

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