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When time, distance or whatever else make it hard to get your tech serviced on-site, Capital Tech Support can still help! Using a state of the art software tool, I am able to offer many services remotely, as long as you can start your computer and have a reasonably stable Internet connection.

I can offer remote support to virtually anyone in the world and can fix a number of common software issues and diagnose many hardware issues as well. It's more affordable and faster as a remote session can often be done immediately when you call in. The process is completely secure from start to finish and after I disconnect from your computer, the software automatically removes itself. You can even watch me work, it's like I'm right there!

Most of my remote support services come with a 15 day labour warranty and I also guarantee that if I can't fix your problem, it won't cost you anything. When you're in a real rush or don't live in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, this is a great solution for many common problems. Obviously, any major hardware problem will require an on-site visit but for the lighter stuff, this is a great and affordable option.

I offer a personal, friendly, professional, expert and most importantly, honest service experience that you'll never get from the big box retailers or big service chains. I'll never sell you something you don't need and I'll never rip you off. This is at the core of how I do business. I do this because I believe that my strength comes from building strong, trusting, long-term relationships with my customers, rather than just charging you as much as I can up front.

Do you want to trust your computer and data to someone with no experience at a huge chain who has a sales quota to meet or someone who has been doing this for over a decade? If you want tech support that's a cut above the rest, put your trust in Capital Tech Support.

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