Doing what I can to help curb e-waste.

Capital Tech Support is committed to doing it's part to help the environment and curb the epidemic levels of electronic waste (or e-waste) ending up in landfills. This isn't going to be some hoity toity spiel about how we must protect Mother Earth for Our Children's Future, you don't need me to tell you about that.

However, did you know that e-waste is one of the most dangerous and toxic forms of waste on the planet right now? That computer or tablet you're probably reading this on contains some crazy poisonous stuff and when it ends up in a landfill, that stuff leeches into the ground, the water and all sorts of other places. It's incredibly damaging to the planet and to local environments and as electronics become bigger and bigger facets of our every day lives, there's more and more of it ending up in places it shouldn't be. The Province of Ontario has taken steps in recent years to try to curb how much of this ends up in landfills. It's not a perfect program but it's better than what a lot of the world has and I want both myself and my customers to do what we can.

Here's how I am doing my part to help and how you can help too, using the old school Three Rs analogy:


I don't try to sell my customers the cheapest gear. I try to sell them gear that's future proof and will last several years, not just until next year. This is good for the environment because it means less e-waste is being created in the first place and it's good for you because though you may pay a bit more now, you'll ultimately pay a lot less in the long run.


If you have old gear that you don't need any more but that's still useful, I will take it from you and donate it to local charities that can use it. I've donated dozens of computers and other electronics over the years to groups like The Anti-Poverty Project and CompuCorps, who refurbish them and give them to less fortunate people to help them improve their own lives. You can do this yourself or I will happily do it for you at no charge.


Any e-waste you have that's either broken or too old to be useful I will take to a certified Ontario Electronic Stewardship certified recycler. I will only deal with recyclers that have a stated commitment to never send electronics overseas, where they are often dismantled in horrendous conditions by exploited labourers. Electronics can be broken down and have a number of their internal components recycled to be used in other things and if you have stuff you either can't use or is just plain busted, I'll make sure it's properly recycled at no charge to you. Computers, electronics, appliances, even batteries, if it's electronic, it can be recycled!

Every week, I see people who have just thrown electronics to the curb with their garbage and it drives me nuts. There's no reason or excuse for it and it's doing more environmental damage than many realise. Capital Tech Support is driven to reduce this as much as possible, even if it's only by a little bit. Don't throw that old gear away, find a proper recycling outfit today or if not, get in touch and I'll take care of it for you, free of charge. Let's do our part to help!

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